When: April 18-20, 2023
Where: In-person at ORNL

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Artificial Intelligence for Robust Engineering & Science

Advances in digital twin and digital thread technologies are expected to enable robust engineering practices in a wide variety of scientific and industrial applications, providing the capability to manage the lifecycle of complex systems. Over the past decade, data availability, advances in computing, and streamlined data-driven methods and tools widened the opportunities for transferring digital twin technology at the edge to enable real-time system operation. The introductory Artificial Intelligence for Robust Engineering and Science (AIRES) workshop in January 2020 explored the foundations of AI for robust engineering while subsequent workshops in this series expanded on this theme. The next workshop in this series, AIRES 4, will build on the successes of previous workshops, and explore and develop the foundations of AI in digital engineering, with a focus on assured digital twins, lifecycle management of digital twins, and data management. Other related topics are also expected to be discussed.

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